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  • Manufacturer: Bil-Jax
  • Model Number: 6004-02552

A set of scaffolding consists of 2 - 5 x 5 bucks and 2 - x braces.  Walkboards, as well as other accessories are rented seperately.

Step Frame, 5W x 5H C-Lock with inserts attached

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  • Manufacturer: American Pneumatic Tool
  • Model Number: 5300-02

APT's Model 653 Pistol Grip, Chipping Hammer is a 3", round shank w/universal QC retainer-spring style and weighs only 14 pounds (without retainer). APT's Chipping Hammers are used for scaling, chiseling, removing concrete build-up from the inside of cement mixers, light concrete demolition and cement finishing and form stripping. All APT Chipping Hammers come standard with a 6-foot whip hose, air fitting and swivel. With this quick-change (QC) retainer option your tool will accept both round and oval collared steel

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  • Manufacturer: Honda
  • Model Number: EU3000ISAN

3000watt Inverter Generator, 49 State Model

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