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Power raking, also known as dethatching, is a great way to improve the healthiness and look of your lawn. Similar to aerating your lawn, power raking your lawn can improve water and nutrient flow to the roots and stimulate new growth in your lawn.

Construction Defects

Bought a new home? Remodeled a kitchen? A bath? Added a room? A large construction project is a giant jigsaw puzzle with as many as 10,000 pieces that don't always come together exactly as they should. Thus some contractor flubs are to be expected.

 Home Repair Rip Offs

When the do-it-yourselfer becomes the direct-it-yourselfer and hires a contractor for the job, the price tag can get even bigger. Unfortunately, so can the risk. According to the Better Business Bureau, (BBB) complaints against General Contractors rank as one of the top ten complaints tracked.